How Indore Is Riding The Wave of a Start-Up Ecosystem

Indore, which is known for its similarities with Mumbai, serves as a pillar of economic growth and job creation in Madhya Pradesh. With the booming start-up culture all across the nation, this city couldn’t remain untouched by the wave of booming start-ups.

Recently, two entrepreneurial communities called ISC, Indore Start-ups Community and Indore Entrepreneurs Network (IEN) have been created to help the start-up community share knowledge and experiences through workshops and meetings, held on a regular basis.

As of now, ISC has managed 50 members and has organized 7 seven workshops for budding entrepreneurs.

The state government has also realized the potential of the start-up ecosystem, which could drive its GDP and job growth to touch the sky. Hence, the state government has allocated INR 100 Crore for tech start-ups in the region. Also, the MP Electronics Development Corporation Ltd, the agency pursuing the promotion and execution of IT and eGovernance in the city, is aiming to assign a dedicated corridor for start-ups on the lines of Kochi-Startup Village.

There are plenty of reasons which made Indore a viable destination for start-ups with series A funding. Lower real estate costs and rentals as compared to Mumbai or Bangalore, stable state government, and lower hiring costs; are the primary reasons which have made Indore ride the wave of start-ups.

The job opportunities in Indore arising from the start-ups are from the domain of technology. IT professionals from Indore, who have re-located to IT destinations have all the reasons to rejoice, as they now get the comfort of working from their city of residence, without relocating to thousands of miles away from their homes.

However, the annual compensation in Indore is slightly lower than Bangalore or Mumbai, as the cost of living in these two cities is higher, whereas in Indore, lower cost of living will make an impact on your earning potential.

On the hind side, the work experience that you would earn working with a start-up will help you absorb the nuances of starting a business and then scaling up to a bigger level. Or in other words, the fast-paced and dynamic work environment that a start-up offers shall help you hone your skills and acquire some of the hot skills in various job markets.

Freshers or graduates who are on a lookout for a challenging experience with equal opportunities to learn and grow must seek start-up jobs in Indore and start from a blank slate to build a strong base of skills which would make you a seasoned professional in the initial years of your career.

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