How to Make Money Blogging - Find a Hot Niche to Make Easy Money

Make money blogging is considered as an alternative to the conventional online business model. This particular business model became popular after Matt Mullenweg share WordPress, the free blogging script.

The big question is how to make money blogging. Internet Gurus have tried to figure out the answer to this question. They, who have already gain success, share the blue print of their success stories.

To make money blogging you should really understand that it is not a black magic or sort of things; it requires time and effort to achieve that target. The most important point of this entire idea is the keyword research.

You should master the keyword research before going any further into the other process such as building blogs, writing blog post, monetizing the blog, and marketing your blog. Mastering this concept, you can easily spot a good keyword which has at least 10,000 searches per month and has less than 200,000 competitions. This kind of keyword usually called niche keyword. The niche keyword will enable you to target a specific niche market.

To begin with, I will share two proven ways you can use to find a hot niche.

First, you should use the Google search box and the AdWords keyword tool. Insert the keyword you want to use; do not forget to use the quotes. The Google search box will provide the result of keyword competition level. On the other hand, the AdWords keyword tools will provide the searches volume. From those statistics, you should be able to locate a hot niche which has the criteria as mentioned above.

The second way is finding niches backwards. This method is a combination between blog and affiliate marketing. The main idea of this method is to find the affiliate product first and build a blog to promote this particular product.

After choosing the product, you have to apply the same keyword research strategy to maximize your keyword performance. As described above, the keyword research strategy will lead you to find the appropriate niche keyword related to your affiliate product.








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