How to Market Your Book In 6 Simple Steps

The way you market your book to the readers should be based on two things: your values and the intentions for the book. If something feels slimy or inauthentic, don’t do it. You should never let a bit of exposure destroy your values. Short-term gains that feel wrong seldom result in long-term growth as an author. They can also decrease your social capital.

Reach the Reviewers: If you really want to make the buzz in the market, then you have to reach to your readers and ask for the reviews. The Reviews of the book are nowadays very important and plays an important role in boosting up of the sale of the book. After reading your book, the reviewers can submit their thoughts on their personal blog or can also share them on social media.

Organize a Giveaway: Another free and easy way to market your book is to give sample chapters to the readers. You can do it by offering a pdf file out of your best chapters and give them to the readers and let them have the taste of your unique writing if your book story is likable by them, this will definitely put them to the buying page of your book. Think of this process as giving a chance to the readers to read the preface.

Organize competitions for distribution of Free Copies: Post the free competition about the book and let the readers know that you have written a book. You can organize competition through magazines, personal blogs, YouTube and paid Promotions.

Go Online: Another important tool to market your book is going online. There are many websites that provide free promotions to the newbie writers, if you are among them, then browse the internet for the same. Vowelor is one of the best online book platforms you can explore, where you will be provided with so many options to market your book in many different ways.

Ask your Near & Dear Ones: There is a very good saying which says Charity Begins at home. The best way to get the real response of the story is to ask your relatives for a rough read. You should get friends, colleagues, clients or anyone who likes your book to place reviews on Amazon and other online bookstores. Amazon is highly influential and the reviews matter so encourage anyone who says they enjoyed your book to place a review.

Ask for the Paid Reviews: There are many reviewers out there in the world of Social media who charge a minimal amount of money to review books. You can Hire 5-10 Reviews and ask them to put their genuine reviews on Amazon. The more reviews you on your Amazon Page, the more your book will be visible to the people in the best-selling category, and once it comes into that category, then automatically your book sales started to boost up. It will take time, but it is totally worth to wait for it. The Only thing you can make sure is to get the real response from the Reviewers.








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