Optimizing Your Open Office Cubicle Layout For Success

Along with a new open office space came a host of design teams slapping layouts on my desk, attempting to impress me with their private workspaces, but I wasn’t looking for a segmented individual space. I wanted workspace with the cozy warm atmosphere of my home office and a place to pull up a chair for collaborative projects.

Flowers on my desk were a regular happening with the rose gardens just outside the door, and I wasn’t willing to give that up when I moved into the giant shell of an office on the outskirts of town. I wanted that homey atmosphere and collective mindset to continue. Workspaces had to fall in line with my expectations, or they were about to become non-existent.

I wanted an open office cubicle that welcomed the grandkids, included my coffee girls, and invited collaboration. In fact, I demanded it!

Herman Miller offered up a rounded end desk that met my requirements and surpassed my expectations. It wasn’t long after Herman entered my life that I started imagining a larger platform, bigger business, and more employees. My office complex had to grow. And ole Hermie came along for the ride.

He brought sectioned cubicles with large work surfaces for all my documents, and enough space to invite my working partners to collaborate. His snappy cubbies created plenty of space for my work, and allowed me to store a small selection of color materials for the grands as well. The end table that fitted each cubicle together welcomed visitors, coffee breaks at my desk, and often hosted guests in my office.

I never had to wonder where a guest could be seated to fill out forms, or work with me on a project. Hermie had it covered.

And then we grew. Adding more cubicles wasn’t an issue, we just expanded the number of cubicles in the space and added more surface to our working arrangement.

Best benefit ever for an open office arrangement, we didn’t have backs on our cubicles, just fronts… And working space included storage and guest space, plus the arrangements could be turned for maximum visibility when office celebrations were happening.

And who doesn’t want to be part of the office celebrations?

Herman Miller has my attention, and building this new office definitely needs the help of a few good men. I’ve heard he’s reasonable, and works well with others! We’re seriously thinking about a few wall style cubicles for temp servers who come in to man the phones on those double down days when we just want some private workspace for extras.

What’s your office design dilemma?

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