Advantages and Disadvantages of Being a Postman

Being a postman has its ups and downs. That’s not all that surprising, no job is perfect of course. On the negative side, you have to deliver mail in all kinds of weather. That includes in cold, and in rain. You also have to get up early in the morning, to start your rounds, or you won’t get all of your deliveries made. On the other side, you can get a job with the post office without a lot of education. There’s no need to spend many years and many dollars getting a college degree or fancy certifications.

A driver’s license will help you get the job, but it is not a requirement. If you are hired as a mail carrier you may be able to deliver on foot or on a bike. You may also get a job sorting mail. Most postal workers start off earning minimum wage. After some time, and more responsibility and experience, you can expect raises though. You can definitely make a decent living as a postal supervisor or manager. When you reach this level you can expect a lot of responsibility like scheduling and organizing teams, delegating duties, doing routes, and the like.

Don’t expect perks though, not even free postage. You can expect to get a bunch of uniforms to wear, which is helpful. You’ll get uniforms for all sorts of weather since you’ll be delivering mail in cold or rain or heat. Postal workers generally work every day of the week except Sunday. If there is a bank holiday, they have that day off also. Some periods they may have a busy time, like during tax time with people mailing in returns, or during the Christmas holiday season. Postal workers are expected to work extra shifts during these periods so that mail gets delivered on time despite increased volume.

Postal workers have it pretty good between the hours, the benefits, and the long term stability of their jobs. They’re also part of a labor union with great benefits that protect all employees. They perform a needed service and because of this they are doing a job they can be proud of.

Some people worry that postal jobs will dwindle because of email making people mail fewer letters. This isn’t the case. Yes, people use email. But they also do online shopping now, so have to get packages in the mail they otherwise would have gone and picked up in person. There will be postal jobs for plenty of years to come.

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