Companies Flourish in Durgapur Leading to More Vacancies in Durgapur

Some years back, Kolkata was the chosen city for most IT firms in the eastern part of the country. Start up firms as well as the more established ones set up their offices in the capital of West Bengal, be it the main office, or branch, regional or zonal office. But slowly and steadily the attention has shifted to Durgapur. There are a variety of reasons for this, the most pressing being the political unrest that rocks the city from time to time, causing an upheaval in the daily life of the common man, and numerous others like the growing population, commuting problems, lack or shortage of basic amenities, cost of living, etc.

Durgapur, which was basically a steel city owing to the presence of SAIL operated Durgapur Steel Plant, has emerged as the true successor to Kolkata. The city is well planned, with wide roads, controlled traffic, lesser vehicular pollution, low cost of living, and a peaceful environment. It is well connected to Kolkata and adjoining states with a network of well organized transport system consisting of buses, trains and even flights. All these factors have led small, medium and big companies to set up their offices in the easily available spots of Durgapur. And as with the advent of new industries, vacancies in Durgapur for various job roles has also sharply risen over the years.

Of the industries that have migrated to Durgapur, the most notable is the IT industry. Many have started their operations from Durgapur itself, and have spread their branches to other eastern cities, while others have opened their regional offices here due to the severe space crunch in Kolkata. Because of obvious reasons, these companies try to hire local candidates, which have led to the increase in job vacancies in Durgapur. With local employees the companies can avoid some of the most common problems that corporate face, like absenteeism, home sickness, low motivation, a tendency to leave station, as also the demand for increased wages.
The availability of candidates is also a major factor for the companies in Durgapur.

This city has some of the best Engineering colleges in the Eastern zone, which attracts the best brains from various parts of the country and especially the East. As such there is no lack of skilled and trained candidates who can work on live projects. This has created a win win situation for the fresh graduates as well as the companies that are operating in Durgapur. Those who are passing out are being quickly absorbed by the IT companies, and on the other hand, the companies are getting well trained interns at a lesser expenditure. Hence vacancies in Durgapur gets filled up more quickly in an effective way as compared to the rest of the state.

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