Forex Trading Signals - A New Way to Buy Pips

With a plethora of Forex trading signals service offering weekly or monthly plans, a subscriber may feel duped if number of signals offered in a month are very few or if the signals incur loss.

So, what are the solutions at hand?

How about guaranteed profits?

When a subscriber buy signals, instead of putting him/her on a recurring plan, can’t the person buy the number of pips he/she wants to make from the service.

How does this new solution work?

A subscriber first decides, how many pips of profit he wants to earn. Once decided, he/she may choose from the plans offered by the service. Usually, larger the number of pips you buy, cheaper is the cost per pip.

Benefits of this new solution:

One benefit of this service is that the subscriber will keep getting signals from the provider till he/she earns the number of pip bought by them.

In effect, its like a prepaid sim card where you can buy voice minutes in advance.Here, you buy pips in advance.

Another benefit, if one chooses to discontinue the service, the subscriber can sell back the pips not gained. Most signal providers offer this facility. If one is not offered this facility, be very cautious.

Payment options:

A very safe way to pay for the service is through paypal. If the signal provider doesn’t provide paypal facility, be very cautious as there is no dearth of bad elements on internet.

Style of trading:

Another very important factor to consider is the style of trading of the signal provider. Some provide scalping trades, for some its intra-day trades, and for some swing trades. Be sure to first identify the style of trading one is comfortable with before signing up. If you like swing trading or if you have very little time to trade, one may go for set and forget signals.

In my opinion, swing trading is what one should aim because it makes you rich instead of your broker by minimizing the spread costs and over trading.

Also, having a set & forget service can provide you peace of mind. As you do not need to be glued to your screen and can check market only once in a day.

So, we have discussed here, keeping in mind the points discussed above and choosing a signals service which guarantees you pips by selling you prepaid pips can go a long way in boosting your trading profits.








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