Get Paid to Upload Files - Is it a Good Money Maker?

I never thought that internet would is a good place to establish a business, at first I was only downloading files and stuffs but when I started to learn how to get paid online I learned that I can make money by uploading files, promoting them and I will be paid when a user downloads my files. At first I did not believe it that much because I joined and not earning a cent on this paid to upload program so I feel disappointed. But when discovered different tricks and techniques on increasing my earnings I immediately started to do it and my earnings increased for only 1 month.

The first thing to remember is you will not make money by only uploading your file, you have to faithfully promote it until you generate ample amount of income. I promote my download link in related forums to increase download count, for example my anime MP3 files will be promoted on a anime or manga forums because the people lurking and participating there love anime MP3’s. Be creative in promoting and be aggressive but never spam because you will be banned and it is not good for you and your online earnings.

If you have Twitter and Facebook you can share different MP3 download links and some of your friends or strangers might be interested on it and download your link. Just post one link a day to avoid spamming because if they branded you as spam then you will be ignored or you might be blocked or reported so be very careful.

YouTube is also a good weapon in promoting links, just give to the credits to rightful owner though because your video might be deleted because of copyright infringement.

Overall you will only earn from get paid to upload sites if you work hard for it. Keep in mind the things that should be avoided to prevent being banned.








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