Getting the Most Out of Your Podcasts

Repurpose your content. That sounds a lot harder than it actually is! Once you get a system in place to repurpose each of your episodes across various social media platforms, you could see a massive uptick in your listening audience.

First, what does it mean to “repurpose your content?”

Put simply, it means crafting a message that is designed to connect with potential listeners on a specific platform.

If you are recording an audio only podcast (which most podcasts are audio only), you do not have to settle for simply publicizing your episode.

Next, how can you repurpose your content quickly and efficiently?

There are several different platforms available that you can use. Some have free options as well as paid upgrades. Some only offer paid plans.

One that I have used before is called “” Using this platform, you can add a waveform (the squiggly lines that looks like audio is playing) to a video that is also playing your audio file. This waveform appears (to those watching your video on YouTube and elsewhere) as if the squiggly lines are reacting to your audio.

Instead of a waveform, you can add picture and images to the file. As a person is watching your video, the images will change as the video is played.

You can also use Headliner’s clipping feature to take a snippet out of the entire file and turn it into a commercial. Load the images you would like to emphasize and add the audio snippet. When you save and export the commercial, you can post it to social media sites with a link to the entire episode! offers a free version as well as upgraded paid plans with even more features. will also provide these features and without all of the manual steps! There is no free account (there is a free trial offer at the time of this article) but the rates are very reasonable. With the ability to eliminate the manual steps, it actually is quite affordable! offers the ability to convert your audio podcast into video, publish it automatically to YouTube and Facebook; auto-publish snippets (commercials) to Twitter and LinkedIn and more.

There are many different platforms available to you to repurpose your audio content. You simply need to do a Google search and find them.

NOTE: and are only referenced as examples of the types of services that are available to help you promote your podcast. I am not an affiliate of either of these companies and I am not promoting one over another. I am providing them as examples only. Conduct your own due diligence in deciding what services you need and the price you want to pay.








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