Hide Scars and Xanthelasma With Camouflage Make-Up

If you have or have had Xanthelasma there’s no need me telling you how distressing it can be or how it can knock your confidence but you can use the same camouflage make-up to hide this that is used to hide scars. Xanthelasma (pronounced Zan-th-las-ma) is a non dangerous skin condition that can develop above or below the eyes. It looks like yellowish slighty raised plaques of fat directly under the skin which is exactly what it is. When i first develop Xanthelasma above my right eye I had it surgically removed at a NHS hospital which only took about five minutes, this operation is no longer funded on th NHS as its considered cosmetic.It left me with a tiny scar which I was more than happy with unfortunately a couple of years later it came back this time above both eyes. I next went to a private clinic and paid to have it removed using a laser which went very well but again it came back the following year. I was told by my doctor that for 40 percent of the people who have xanthelasma removed it would return and that this was more likely if you had high cholesterol,which I have.

I couldn’t afford to have it removed again and I knew it would be likely to return so I decided I would just have to live with it. I never even thought about using make up until I saw a TV show called Embarrassing bodies where a girl who had the same condition was advised to use camouflage make up to hide it. The brand she used was called Dermacolor, there is also another brand called Dermablend that does the same job. she looked great after it was applied and you couldn’t see the Xanthelasma at all. I decided then to order some Dermacolor and try it myself. You need to know what skin tone you have so I ordered a small pallet over the internet containing 16 different colours of concealers because I wasn’t sure what colour skin tone I needed. It wasn’t expensive, around sixteen pounds and one of the tones worked great. If you know exactly what skin tone you have you can order a small jar for around 7 pounds(11 dollars). You will also need setting powder to prevent it rubbing off. I work in the construction industry and the make-up lasts all day and I do a lot sweating.

Anyone who developes Xantholasma is advised to see their doctor to have their cholesterol and lipid levels checked. I was also told that It can also run in the family Which is true in my case as my father had it I have it of course and now my brother has it but so far it has skipped my sister.

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