How to Get Lots of Money for Anything Fast - An Honest Review

 How to Get Lots of Money for Anything Fast - An Honest Review

Before I get into my personal review of “How to Get Lots of Money for Anything Fast”, I want to provide some background information on how it came to be. Anything Fast is an eBook by Stuart Lichtman, creator of the Cybernetics Transposition process. Stuart developed this strange, yet effective process during his studies at MIT, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He studied practically every field of engineering and was curious to find a system that could model humans.

It took Stuart about 18 months to develop the Cybernetics Transposition technique he describes in “How to Lots of Get Money for Anything Fast”. One of first time using the technique, Stuart generated about $2.5 million dollars in investment funding!

My first experience with the Cybernetics Transposition technique was several years ago, when I stumbled upon the eBook by accident. I decided to give the technique a try. I set up an objective (The objective is the end goal, also known as a “target”) to create an online business that generates $12,000 in sales passively. I prioritized my target following the instructions from the book. After that, I cleared out unconscious blockers and was done the process.

A couple of months later, I launched my online business. In the first year, I made about $20,000 in sales! I had completely forgotten I used Stuart’s technique to create my business. I only realized this when I was going through my old notebooks and found my “Cybernetics Transposition” notebook with my target written down. The whole process of setting up and launching my business was incredible easy because the CT process had aligned my brain to effortlessly achieve my objective.

The eBook was written by Stuart and Lichtman and Joe Vitale, a “wealth attraction” guru, featured in the secret. The book is very detailed and clear and teaches you how to align the different parts of your brain so you can achieve your goals easily. It has eleven chapters and covers the Basic Achievement process as well as the Super Achievement process. The Basic Achievement process (also known as the BA process) is used for goals that are mildly difficult. The BA process works well for goals that include getting moderate amounts money for something in a short amount of time. Many users report receiving the exact amount or more money than what they wanted from a friend or relative a few days after completing the BA process!

The Super Achievement process works for more difficult goals, including ones that may seem “impossible”. While I have never used the SA process personally, Stuart’s Super Achievement Coaching Program has a 100% success rate, meaning that everyone in the coaching program achieved their goals by their deadlines.

The one thing that I don’t like about Stuart’s book is that it does get repetitive. The 2nd edition of the eBook is out now which contain subchapters B and C for each chapter that pretty much re-explains the content in the earlier part of the chapter. While it is ideal for someone reading the eBook for the first time, I found it annoying to keep reading the same things over and over again. All in all, this is a fantastic book, and has been regarded as the “most important book on making money ever written” by a marketing experts.








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