How to Get Paid to Watch Videos Online

In this video, I’m going to tell you 5 different ways to make money by watching videos online, like you’re doing right now.

But before you say, Tommy, I did this when I was 15 and got paid 1 penny per view. Well, I’m not talking about those little survey sites.

I’m talking about earning $69,906 per year by watching videos. So stick around to the end.

And on the lower end, you can earn $10 per 20m. So if your already watching videos 1 hour day, then that’s an extra $60 per day and $300.

How to Get Paid to Watch Videos Online

Segway: But this could still be a very solid side gig, for something you probably are already doing for free. And the last on number 5 and 4 are going to be the highest-earning ways, so stick around.

1. Nielsen Family: It’s kind of like the rotten tomatoes for tv

For Example:

– Basically, if you and your family watch tv

– They can select you or you can apply

– And they will monitor your tv use and pay you money.

Now here the Money:

– If you have cable, I recommend you cut it first of all and just get Netflix, but if you still want to keep it.

– They pay an average of $50 every 6 months, so $100 bucks per year.

Tip: not a lot but better than getting nothing now, Please cancel your cable.


2. Swagbucks/Inbox Dollar: Low Low Budget

– Now this is the only cheap option here

– But I have included it for the culture

– Although to me it is a complete waste of time

The money you can Earn:

– They will pay you between 1 penny to 2 pennies for the video you watch. Usually, the videos are 1-3m long

But… Before you say no way I’m doing, well you might already be doing it.


– If you work for minimum wage and earn $7.50 per hour

– Then that’s 12.5 cents per minute

– So watching these videos might still be a good deal for you.

Tip: I recommend getting a higher paying job or getting upgraded skills.

link: Swagbucks


3. Fiverr: offer to watch and promote people videos

– Now this takes a little work and Finess

– But if you want to do it the easy way

– You can also

The money:

– Now the idea is to go on Fiverr and create a listing for $5 a pop, where you watch people video for that price and might even review and comment on their video ( most people won’t pay $5 for one view)

– But… if you create a platform of maybe 10k-100k people

And do cross-platform promotion, then people will be more likely to pay you

To promote their videos on their platforms

Tip: If I were you, I would combine both of them, but also get into social media management, and help those same people manage their Instagram and so on.


4. Tester Sites: UserTester, UserFeel,


– Now these sites pay a lot more

– So naturally, they take a little more work

– So it could actually become a decent side income

How it works: Companies need people to test their websites and make videos, while they do it, so they’ll pay you to be that person.

The Money:

– User Tester and UserFeel and basically competitors

– They pay an average of $10 per every Task that could range from 10-20m, which is pretty solid.

Tip: This could be something you do, to build up a savings to start investing.



5. Netflix: taggers ( the almost 70k dollar Job)

– And like I said before it does take a little work

– You watch videos, Categorize it, and also tag it with Meta Data

– Pay is $69,906 per year.

Now before you send application:

– Sometimes you’ll have to watch 20 hours of content

– Series that are 60 hours long also

– So it’s kind of like, I love the game of thrones, but you’re watching Dora for money.

Tip: TBh Ima watch the heck out of Dora.








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