How to Make $200 per Month Taking Paid Surveys Online 🤯

Did you know that you can make extra money just by taking online surveys at home? Today we’re talking about the best online survey sites out there to make a little extra cash. ▶️

If you’re looking for an easy, legit way to make a little extra cash, taking online surveys could be an opportunity for you. Paid surveys are all the rage these days. There are dozens of sites offering paid online surveys for money and some are better and safer than others.

Disclaimer: Doing surveys frequently is only going to make you an extra $100-$200 each month, max. And if you’re looking to really put a dent in your financial goals, it would be a better use of your time to find a more stable and serious side hustle. But if can multi-task and are wanting to make money while you watch TV in the background, today I’m sharing some top online survey sites.

1️⃣ Swagbucks (1:29)

Swagbucks is one of the most respected companies in the online survey space. For every survey you take, you are compensated in “Swagbucks.” You accumulate these Swagbucks and convert them into gift cards or PayPal credit (or cash).

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2️⃣ Survey Junkie (1:54)

We love how straightforward Survey Junkie is on their platform. And you can start making money quickly! Similar to Swagbucks, Survey Junkie works on a points system and the points can be converted to cash. Most of the surveys here were fairly easy and were never forced to sign up or buy anything in order to complete a survey.


3️⃣ InboxDollars (2:26)

InboxDollars made our list because of the cash and ease of use. InboxDollars works on a cash only system so you don’t need to worry about converting points to cash or being compensated with gift cards, which is nice! But after the initial $5 bonus, we found that the surveys didn’t pay out a ton of money, which was a bummer.

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4️⃣ MyPoints (2:50)

MyPoints is one of the oldest and most legitimate players in the online survey space, which goes a long way towards establishing trust in the survey industry. Beyond surveys, MyPoints has several other ways for members to earn rewards, including cash back shopping, watching videos, and playing games.

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5️⃣ Vindale Research (3:15)

Vindale Research is another safe and well-established company. A great thing about this survey company is that there is no points system. Everything is cash! It’s pretty straight forward. Our favorite part about Vindale is that they tend to pay out more money per survey than other sites. The highest-paying paid surveys are usually more complicated and take longer to complete, but they can make you much more money (assuming you meet the demographic criteria).

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While taking surveys online won’t make you rich, it is an easy way to make a little extra money in your spare time! And if you are looking for websites or apps to start trying online surveys with, we hope this video was helpful.

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