Niche Mini Sites - Earn Loads of Cash With Niche Mini Sites

What is a niche mini-site you may ask? To answer that question I need to explain the marketing method, which is called ‘long-tail marketing’. Long tail marketing is a marketing technique used to target smaller, less competitive ‘niches’ or markets.

For instance, instead of targeting ‘computers’ you would target ‘refurbished desktop computers’. The market is really unlimited, as you can target any of the millions of ‘niche’ topics out there.

The way it works is you create small, 5-10 page websites on each ‘niche’. You would then market your websites with articles. Just write as many articles as possible and submit them to the top article directories, which are, and

These articles will have your ‘signature block’ at the bottom, which will contain a little information about yourself and your websites, as well as a link to your site. The more viewers your articles get, the more viewers your websites get.

You will place ads from Google’s advertising program, Google AdSense. Every time someone clicks on your ads, you get paid. You can also place affiliate links on your websites. Every order that is made through your affiliate links will result in a certain percentage being paid to you.

The reason niche mini-sites are so profitable is because it is very easy to dominate small niches. This means that most likely, your site will be brought up when people search for your niches keywords. Whereas more competitive ‘niches’ would take much more time and work to be brought up in searches.

The only knowledge you need in order to get started is basic page creation. It is very easy to create a website and if you do not know how you can figure it out in less than a day.

Niche mini-sites have made many people very rich. If any aspect of the technique intimidates you I highly recommend getting over it. You can do it and if you put your mind to it, you will be doing it very soon.








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