Sex For Gold: The Seduction Of An Air Hostess

This is a true story. It happened sometime in the early 1980s on a routine flight from Accra to London. Setting out from Kotoka International Airport that evening, it was little suspected that the next few hours confined in that congested aerial cave would witness a minor drama demonstrating anew the frailty of human nature and the almost irresistible allure of sex and gold.

In a favoured seat next to the emergency exit, longer-than-average legs could be stretched throughout the six and a half hour journey. In those days there were only two seats between the window and the aisle and the aisle seat was occupied by a thirtyish man with an American accent who was eager to engage in conversation. He recounted that he had been in Ghana for only a few weeks and his main aim had been to buy Ashanti gold. At that time there were no legal outlets, and it had taken him some time to find people who had gold to sell. He related with satisfaction that he had eventually bought all that he wanted and at favourable prices.

The Ashantis are famous for their gold. In pre-colonial times, gold dust was used as the main currency for trade, and special weights were cast in bronze for weighing out the quantity required for each transaction. The Asantehene, King of Ashanti, sat upon a golden stool and on ceremonial occasions he was weighed down with golden adornments of great beauty and opulence. On his fingers he wore enormous gold rings, so large that his hands were quite immobilised. It was an impressive array of such rings that the American trader had acquired, and he provoked astonishment by briefly revealing his treasure.

The precious metal trader then reflected on his amorous adventures in Ghana. He admired his fleeting partners for their beauty but complained that they became too emotionally involved. It was then that the airhostess came by on some routine task. She was a tall, slim white woman in her mid-twenties and strikingly attractive. The American’s interest was immediately aroused. ‘I’ll sleep with her tonight,’ he whispered. The opinion was expressed that such an encounter seemed unlikely but this only provoked the admonition to wait and watch.

The next time the airhostess came near, she was engaged in conversation. The ardent American showed her one of the huge gold rings and said that it could be hers. Her interest was immediately apparent but she was also embarrassed. Then recovering her professional demeanour, she bent down to pretend she was explaining some feature on the seat armrest. After she moved away, the assurance was given that the deal was done.

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