Some Fast Ways To Lose Money Online Quickly

Most people online are searching for the quick and easy way to make money online. But most people who are looking for quick fixes also find that their money also is lost in an equally quick manner. Get rich quick scams abound on the internet and this article highlights a few of the most common get rich quick scams online.

The $5 email work at home scam

Ever so often one of my newsletter readers will tell me about the latest work at home scam that they have found. This email or letter just tells you that someone got a whole bunch of $5 notes coming in via the mail and that if you did so you will make money online. The letter usually has 3 names in the list and the subsequent person is supposed to add your name in the list and slowly move up the email. The reason why this is a scam and does not work is that most people will just delete the top name and replace it with theirs so that they get paid first.

The Nigerian Scam

Most people online now know of the traditional Nigerian Scam where people in Nigeria refuse to find proper jobs and spend their time sending emails to people promising them great riches in exchange for certain fees. Never listen to any of these scams, people who went to Nigeria to get their money back have been said to be killed while over in Nigeria. For more information on this type of money making scam a good resource website would be

High Yield Investment Programs and other ponzi scams

These programs are usually ponzi in nature meaning that the owners will take money from later investors to pay the earlier investors and then run off with the money once they cannot pay out later in the scheme or if they find that the amount of money with them is large enough. A quite survey of the websites in the area are all very well designed as they usually use the same template in all their websites. Treat all claims to legitimate trading with great suspicion as no one really can verify that they are actually making money in commodity or forex trading online.

In conclusion, if you want to make money fast online, be prepared to lose it fast as well. When dealing with questionable investment type programs online, put a little money inside to test. You might want to spend some time reading up online before plunging your hard earned money in any money making activity online.








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