Start A Staffing Agency: Planning Your Recruiting Strategy

Recruiting Planning Strategy

What is your recruiting planning strategy? Many starting a medical staffing agency do not have a viable recruiting strategy to find the qualified candidates to begin staffing contracts. Creating a recruiting strategy is fundamental and can be the difference between finding your candidates or successfully becoming a quick medical staffing flop.

Medical staffing firms enter the recruiting planning strategy with the highest goal potential. Yet, the recruits you seek are often looking for positions in unlikely places. Not all potential recruits are looking at or in “Job Fairs”. It is also unlikely that you will find all your recruits in trade magazines or respond to an ad in a newspaper. Sometimes you will find the majority of your recruits using only one viable method described in this manual. Other times you will find that a mixture of all the strategies is needed to continually have a stream of potential recruits.

It is possible to eventually have a percentage of potential recruits finding you, but you need to give up the ideal that this form of recruiting will provide your stream of recruits to fulfill all your staffing needs. You need to have a plan set up instead that adopts a recruiting strategy that proactively finds them.

Medical staffing clinicians have many options when looking for work with a staffing firm. Recruiting Dynamics is about targeting a recruit using a strategic approach that hones in the recruiting process to individuals and then builds a friendship with them over time. The process is long lasting, slow moving yet allows to build relationships with potential and future recruits.

The recruiting dynamics approach allow a medical staffing firm to seek out recruits with the intention of one day using them as a source of referrals and client recommendation. It is also possible that these recruits will one-day be the directors or managers of future facilities. Your friendly and relationship building will allow you to use these recruits as a reference base. Very important that you understand what I am talking about. Recruiting Dynamics is not just a one process event. It is a long-term process that will continually flourish with the goal of keeping and having your agency stay in business long after the initial phase.

This is why the term dynamic is used: It is used to describe a continual process. A process that flows and changes as it moves from one event to another. As a recruiter your goal is to meet the needs by changing yours.

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