Understanding the Civil Services

Administration was quite easier during the ancient days. The rise in the growth rates of population has been one of the major challenges. The gap between resources and their demand too has been widening. Resource management is one of the major administrative challenges. Global warming, climate change, terrorism, violence, natural calamities, research, poverty, unemployment, fiscal deficit, education, health, infrastructure development, enhancing the quality of life, etc are some of the major administrative challenges.

There were some economies which were under the colonial rule. Such countries did face many problems soon after their independence. Expertise and skills are required to solve such difficult matters. This is one of the main reasons for selecting the talented candidates for the civil services.

The ultimate aim of the economies is to enhance the per capita income and thus the quality of life of the inhabitants. The civil servants do involve in this process. There were some reports in the media stating the success stories of the so many civil servants. They play a dominant role in the transformation of the economies of the world. For instance, some underdeveloped economies did transform in to developing and also the developed economies. Hence, the civil services do give the job satisfaction.

The civil servants do involve in policy making based on the data acquired from the gross roots levels. There are several policies related to agriculture, industries, trade, mining, foreign, telecom, defence, energy, human resource development, security, etc.

There are also several officers posted as project directors for the development of rural areas, women, children, and tribal people. One of the most interesting services is foreign service. The foreign service officers do involve in the development of relations with other countries of the world. The police service officers do involve in taking care of the law and order, security, and other related aspects.

The administrative service is the most preferred service for most of the candidates. These officers do involve in the over all development of the nation. They can be posted as sub collectors, joint collectors, collectors, secretaries, commissioners, project directors, directors, etc. This service is the back bone of all the policies and programmes of any nation. These officers do determine the destiny of any nation.

Some of the other civil services include, revenue, accounts, railway traffic, posts, telegraphs, etc.

All the civil services are meant for the smooth, professional, and peaceful running of the nations.

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