Cardano will EARN YOU MONEY in more ways than one in 2021 | ADA

Bitcoin makes you money, but other cryptocurrencies like Cardano ADA could make you rich! Cardano ADA is positioned to have a HUGE year, but is it really the Ethereum killer?! Let’s review how we are making money investing in Cardano ADA! Subscribe to VoskCoin –

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Let’s be honest, we all probably want to make more money, and Cardano could be really lucrative over the next year. Not only can you earn interest by staking Cardano ADA coins on their blockchain, earning passive income with crypto! But Cardano ADA could be really undervalued in this current Bitcoin cryptocurrency market. Bitcoin just hit $29,000 per coin, almost 50% higher than it’s previous all-time high and yet Cardano ADA is trading at less than 20% of it’s previous all-time high! Altcoins or alternate cryptocurrencies are the crypto coins I am hoping will make me rich, and here are some of the reasons that I think Cardano ADA is valuable and thus their coins are currently undervalued!

Watch our original Cardano ADA video review on how we are earning passive income with cryptocurrency staking or lending Cardano ADA earning interest and thus making money!

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⏰ Timestamps ⏰

0:00 How can you earn money with Cardano ADA?

2:01 Cardano ADA is in my crypto investing portfolio

2:36 Profit returns after 6 months with $ADA

3:28 Grants for Cardano development from IOHK

4:05 Who is Charles Hoskinson?

5:59 Cardano ADA staking and profitability

8:44 Ethereum killer? Is Cardano actually better than Ethereum?

9:44 Cardano Native Tokens & tokenization

13:01 Cardano ADA Price Predictions

14:55 Final thoughts on if you should buy Cardano ADA

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