Copywriting - How to Write a Good Craigslist Ad

There are five parts to writing a good Craigslist ad. If you carefully craft each part, using the fundamental laws of copywriting, you’ll have a good chance at selling your product or service to your reader.

Here are the five fundamentals of a good Craigslist ad:

1. You must have a targeted, catchy headline– Without a good headline the customer will not open your ad and all the rest of your work will be for no reason. This is one of the most important rules of copywriting. Focus on the wants and needs of your customer and create a headline that is laser-focused on that customer.

2. Write to one person at one time– Make the ad sound conversational, as if you’re talking to the customer over a cup of coffee. Don’t speak in general terms as if you’re talking to a group of people. Use the word “you” frequently.

3. Focus on the benefits of your product, not the features– The benefits of a new car may be added safety for your family, increased status amongst your friends, and more money in your pocket due to better gas mileage. Features are the type of tires, the number of engineers it took to build it, and the amount of screws it took to put it together. People buy with emotions based on the benefits they’ll gain from buying the product, not the features the product contains.

4. Make it easy for the customer to buy from you– There are far too many Craigslist ads that make it hard for the customer to buy. Use friendly ways to contact you. Include your phone number and multiple payment options. Not all customers want to contact you in the same way, so the more options you give people, the more chances you’ll have of gaining their business.

5. Include a picture of the product– In every ad you create, even if it’s for a business, you must include a photo. The mobile apps that support Craigslist have sorting capabilities that can give priority to those ads that contain pictures. You want to make sure that you have every advantage of getting your ad opened as possible and picture will do just that.

Using the basic rules of copywriting, you can take some of the same principles used to create valuable sales letters and turn that to your advantage with your next Craigslist ad.

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