Do's and Don'ts of Taking Opinion Surveys

Marketing is a major business, and more and more companies are relying on consumer feedback to help target the right audience. Online surveys and focus groups are a great way to identify the right people to market a specific product. Here are several of the do’s and don’ts related to opinion surveys.


Dedicated email address – when first signing up to the survey sites, make sure to set-up a specific email account to use. Once an active member of multiple survey sites, you might well be flooded with email messages offering the chance to give your opinion on a survey or questionnaire.

Payment options – where possible click the option to receive payments in cash. Not all participating sites give this option and it might be a requirement to accept gift vouchers or similar incentives. If you are receiving payment in the form of gift vouchers, make sure to spend them as soon as possible to avoid issues with a retailer going out of business. Also, it is easier to forget about the gift vouchers and they could be mistakenly left to go out of date.

Keep a record of completed surveys – make sure to keep a record of each survey completed to ensure you always receive payment for your work. Use the survey title and reference number to chase a company if the payment isn’t received within a reasonable time-frame. Also, it can help to take a screenshot of the completed survey with a reference number if applicable, to make it easier to prove that a particular survey had been filled out.

Make a complaint public – if you haven’t received a satisfactory reply to a message sent via the contact form on the survey site, you may want to look at writing a further polite message on their official social media sites, such as Twitter and Facebook. Any established survey site will have a social media presence online. Most of the survey sites are likely to reply quite quickly to complaints as they want to maintain a trusted reputation.

Refer a friend – a great way to earn extra money with the survey sites is by referring friends, family members, or colleagues. This is certain to help speed up the money earning potential and get you closer to reaching the withdrawal threshold.

Most of the survey sites have a set threshold limit ($25, $50, etc.) that must be reached before it is possible to withdraw the earnings. By referring friends or taking on other incentives or rewards, you will be in a much better position to withdraw the cash more often.


Avoid leaving cash in the survey account – make sure to withdraw the cash from the survey sites ASAP. Once the payment threshold is reached the entire balance should be withdrawn to the bank or PayPal account. Should a survey company close down there isn’t any protection in place, which means your hard-earned money will be instantly lost.

Don’t expect quick cash – it often takes a while to earn enough money to reach the threshold limit so it helps to look at the surveys as an opportunity to earn extra income slowly over time. If you give up before reaching the payout amount, you will have completed the previous surveys for nothing in return.

Don’t be dishonest with the profile – try to be as honest as possible when it comes to completing the profile information on the survey sites. This information is used to identify the type of surveys that are most relevant to your interests or lifestyle. It may be tempting to expand to truth in the hope of getting more surveys your way, but these companies often corroborate past answers which make it possible to identify the dishonest profiles and answers.


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