DVDFab Download Review

DVDFab download is the most complete DVD burning software. Just do it in one, two, three, you can copy DVD to DVDR/PSP and also for your iPod. In just one or two steps, you can copy DVDs to DVDR/PSP and even iPod. For all these powerful packages will only require 1.3MB spaces on your hard drive. This is an advancing program and is the simplest way to copy a DVD movie. All you need to di is just simply inserting the movie DVD and a blank DVD then press the start button. And your entire movie, including all the special features like menus and trailers is copied to a new DVD; just one click to make it happen automatically.

Maybe you have ever had problems while copying one of your favorite DVD movies, and this is the one that works best. This particular program could be what you’ve been looking for. It has proven popular a hit by thousands of peoples known as Softonic users.

In fact, the conversion process could not be easier. There are five modes available, Full Disc, Split, Main Movie, Customize and Clone. In DVDFab download Full Disc mode, all the movies, trailers and menus are copied to a new DVD just by one click. In the Main Movie mode, only the movie is copied. If you choose the Split mode, you can copy a DVD onto two DVD discs. The split mode will also preserve the original menus on both discs. This feature is best for TV series on DVD.

DVDFab download also has customized mode that allows you to personalize your DVD. You can add or remove the things you like or not. You can record only your favorite scene, remove adverts and select only certain audio tracks you like. The fifth mode is the Clone mode that allows you to create the real 1:1 bit to bit copies. You may also copy your favorite game discs such as PS2 DVD’s. As a plus, it has a DVD to Mobile option that allows you to watch your favorite films on your handheld device. The formats are available on MPEG-4, XVID, DivX, and Mp4.


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