Follow Up After Your Pharmaceutical Sales Interview and You're Hired!

Pharmaceutical sales interview follow up techniques that work very well:

Following up with the district pharmaceutical manager via telephone, email and handwritten correspondence to seal the pharmaceutical sales job following your face to face job interview can be exactly what places one over the top in the running to obtain a pharmaceutical sales rep career.

So you have just simply left the actual pharmaceutical sales job interview with the hiring manager. You nailed the interview and are floating on a cloud of bliss. You sense that the pharmaceutical manager liked you and your feedback to his particular interview questions. What to do now?

If you closed for the position towards the end of the employment interview as it is encouraged you will likely get an answer this way, “Well, I appreciate your aggressiveness! I do have a couple applicants booked, however I’ll certainly get back to you on this within the week.” He’s going to offer you with a specific figure. Make a note of this. This time frame is essential if you are going to utilize the particular follow up methodology I will be advocating.

When and just how on earth do you follow up? Do you telephone the hiring manager after a few days and inquire of him or her if he’s made a decision yet? Or is it best to just relax and await him to contact?

Pharmaceutical sales employment interview followup:

* -Hand penned letter: Produce a hand prepared thank you note and ship it off that day in the mail. The hiring manager will be impressed because this is an activity that 10% or perhaps less carry out. Any applicant that does this in most cases is likely to get the position.

* -Email thank you follow up one or two days later.

Now comes the difficult part: Telephone call follow-up

My best guideline is when the particular pharmaceutical sales rep hiring manager gives a good time frame when he will probably follow up you take note of that date. I actually call him back earlier than the date he said he would call me back.

Follow up a day before he was quoted as saying he would contact you. This will not be thought of as pushy, but alternatively it will make you look like you want the position and you are not going to sit around and wait for this to manifest. You close the district manager again using this phone call.

Your chat may unfold something like this:

“Hi (Mr. Manager title). This is Joe Blow and I am calling to follow up regarding our meeting. I understand you stated that you are getting back with me by tomorrow and I apologize if perhaps I have found you at a bad time.”

This up coming sentence is essential in the manner in which you supply it. You may inform him of the goal of the phone call a day early. When done right you are likely to be perceived as a sales expert. Your main goal is to heighten his curiosity in exactly why you called. Say this following phrase slowly:

“The actual reason why I am calling is that I want you to understand that I am convinced I will be your number one sales rep in just a year and here is how I’m going to accomplish this”

Now keep in mind you said that last phrase slowly. If you’re on the phone you can easily read it off a note to deliver this message right. The following upcoming section you’ll deliver with confidence as well as pick up the rate of your conversation.

“I will do this by working more intensely as well as smarter than my competition.

I’m going to produce my list of where I want to go the evening before a call day.

I’ll be in the office buildings as soon as they open up and I’ll be final pharmaceutical rep out in the field when the offices close up.

I’ll acquire the help I require from you in growing my skills to a higher level.

My goal is to be the best I can be and leave nothing on the table.

Bring me on your team and permit me to show you what I can do for you, the company and also myself personally.

Will you hire me?”

Now you are silent. Should you not get the job there after, then that hiring manager just passed up on what the pharmaceutical marketplace is hunting for in any pharmaceutical sales person.

Prepare yourself, crush the job interview, followup thoroughly and the pharmaceutical rep job can be yours.

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