How Can a Plugin Help You to Increase Your Subscribers?

First of all, you should look for a plugin that’s a complete package which any marketer would need to increase the number of subscribers on their page.

With a plugin like that, you don’t need to install different plugins to attract the customers. It’s great when one plugin can do all the work. Good plugins will help you to create a popup page in which only your popup would be in focus and the rest of the page would be darkened. This allows the visitor to either cancel the page or join it. Moreover, you can also choose any area of the page, the top or the bottom, in which you want your popup to appear, so that the visitors do not get annoyed by the popups appearing in their face.

This makes life very easy for us normal visitors rather than to have to close popups that open up in separate windows every time you open a page or click on it.

A good plugin should allow the visitors to join your page in a very fast and easy way. You can get subscribers by just putting up a subscribe box in your posts and by making it visible anywhere you want on your WordPress page.

Why make subscribing so complicated for people who already comment on your blog actively? By providing a tick box for subscription, you can allow your regular readers to subscribe quickly. This is the best way of increasing your list.

Also attach a ‘subscribe box’ with a sweet request. If your readers like you and read your articles, the best way to use their loyalty is to make them subscribers, a pleading request with the right text is all that you need.

Use your subscribe box smartly! Use different techniques or put your subscriber’s box where the probability of readers subscribing to your posts is high. For example, the first half a document could be made openly available and the second half document could be made available only for subscribers. This would obviously get many people to subscribe because subscribing is preferred over the cost of reading the article.

Moreover, you can use the hyper-links to take the visitor to any specific URL. You can use this option to take your subscribers to their pages of interest.

What should a good plugin have?

Here are some of the features that I think a good WordPress plugin must have:

Referral system for the subscribers:
It lets you give points to those subscribers who refer others to your blog. These loyal subscribers can be awarded points which can later be redeemed.

Has headers with beautiful and bright images to attract attention of the readers.

Lets you add a timer on your page:
If you are offering something for a very limited time then a good plugin lets you emphasize this by adding a timer on your page. It will show the number of hours left for that offer to be availed.

Lets you add footers to remind members to subscribe with catchy texts and templates.

Lets you update, customize and maintain your page as you want.

Should work with all browsers and any email marketing service.

It should let you automatically capture your visitor’s email address and name to make it easier for them to fill in the subscribers’ box.

Lets you set a popup on hidden content so that your visitors feel encouraged to subscribe.

Last but not the least, it should allow subscribers to add themselves from popular social networking sites such as Facebook which makes it very convenient for the subscribers allowing them to quickly subscribe themselves.

I think, overall a good WordPress plugin with all the above features does a good job in increasing the number of subscribers to one’s web page.


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