How to Get a Free GEICO Auto Insurance Quote

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GEICO auto insurance may be applied for by visiting the company’s website and entering your credentials such as the State the vehicle is registered along with the personal or business ownership information. Afterwards you will be asked questions based on State laws and the parameters within the municipality of the vehicle’s registration area. Prices will vary on the coverage desired and the applicant may be able to be covered immediately upon payment and receiving their insurance card.

How to Get a Quote

Step 1 – A quote may be obtained either at the GEICO Website, via Telephone (1(800) 861-8380), or by going to a Branch Location.

If you are conducting the online lookup you must go to This Webpage and enter your zip code.

Step 2 – After entering your zip code the site will redirect and ask you for the following;

First Name

Last Name

Street Address

City, State, and Zip Code

Date of Birth and select Yes to any of the following conditions

Step 3 – Based on the information provided GEICO will pull the applicant’s records from the respective State’s Vehicle Division (most of the time the Department of Motor Vehicles). Select one of the cars below or enter the details manually if it is not shown.

Step 4 – Enter the number of drivers and answer any and all questions about said drivers.

Step 5 – The last set of questions will deal with marital status among other items and your email will be needed to save the requested quote. It will be available on the next page and when complete

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