New Teachers - Why You Need a Long Term Plan For Teaching

New teachers have a serious decision to make after the first year of teaching – should they stay or quit their teaching jobs? Of course nobody can answer that except for yourself. While you might never know if you made the right decision to leave after your first year, a second year of teaching in fact, gives you the bigger picture that you can’t get from your first year of teaching.

So what is the bigger picture?

1. Your first year of teaching is full of unique experiences. All new teachers encounter difficulties and cope in different ways. In your second year, you have already established your classroom management personality so to speak in terms of classroom rules and procedures.

2. A long term teaching plan is a learning journey. After the first year, each year gets easier.

3. Reflecting on some of the bigger issues that you’ll encounter (ie. students challenging your authority) helps teachers put their first year in perspective.

4. Learning who you are as an educator cannot be limited to just one year – you are getting to know your own ideologies and values.

5. It takes a while to transfer theory to practical methodology. Once you develop your own classroom routines, you can then experiment with practical methods that eventually will speak to you.

6. After your first year of teaching, you’ll develop your own approach to teaching and learn to make the most of your personality.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that keeping level and open about the problems you faced during your first critical year of teaching builds for foundations of success as you grow into this very serious, important yet demanding profession called teaching.

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