Suitable Jobs for Your Personality

Getting ahead of our work is one of the major goals and priorities of young and adult professionals alike. A high-paying and career-enhancing job is one of the top-most priorities we all have in life. Nowadays, it is important to have a high-paying as well as a challenging job to be able to feel that yes, we are indeed doing something productive in our lives.

Landing in our dream jobs is not as easy as you think it is. Most of the time, many of us commit the same mistake of choosing a job because of the career opportunities it offers, or probably because of the monetary rewards it can give. It is quite hard to find both requirements at the same time.

Finding a Job that Suits Your Personality

The probability of landing your dream job depends on how you approach job prospecting. Getting your dream job is a choice, an option and not something you can get instantly.

There are two basic things you should know to be able to land on the dream job you have been eyeing on.

Know thyself. Are you keen in numbers? Are you dependable and consistent at work? Can you handle pressure and extended working hours? You should be able to tell how much you are willing to give and to sacrifice to land in that dream job you are eyeing for.

Know thy job. Does a certain job description require you to be strict and conservative? Are training and career-enhancing seminars available for you? Do you have to dress and groom professionally to project and uphold a trustworthy image for the company? Be aware of the things your dream job would require you to do.

Employment and being employed is actually a give and take relationship. An employer hires you not only to nurture your talents but to be able to use that talent for the benefit of the company. As an employee, you are expected to perform as expected. The compatibility of your personality to the requirements of a job is the defining point you can use to measure if this job is your dream job or not.

Career Opportunities in Banking

There are two types of banks – commercial banks which focus on borrowers and depositors – mostly businesses and savings banks which cater the need of individuals.

Commercial banks are the ones that offer a lot of job opportunities for interested individuals who would like to pursue a career in banking. Below is a list of the top 10 career opportunities in the banking world.



Loan Officers

Bank Tellers




Budget Analyst

Financial Analysts

Personal Financial Advisors

Though there are different careers available in banking, the qualities bank employees’ posses are usually all the same.

You Are “Bank Worthy” If

You possess a consistent attitude. Trust is a very basic but the most important virtue a banking institution upholds. Trust is useless if you cannot uphold it throughout the length of your career.

You sets lofty goals. The stress in this kind of workplace is very high. You have to put your best foot forward at all times. If your drive for perfection is high, a career in a banking institution is definitely one for you.

You possess a keen eye for details and enjoy dealing with numbers and finances. Keeping track of our personal finances is a bore, but if you see things differently and possess a high respect when it comes to keeping everything on track and accounted for, a job in a bank will definitely work well for you.

Working in a bank will keep you in sync with your personal goals in life. A very rewarding career awaits any employee, whether in banking or in a different field if you hold the appropriate attitude and perspective needed by the company you dream of working with.

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