The Life Sentence: Reality

We all love to win, but who loves what happens before they know how to win? Working on yourself, “failing up”, “all of it going down”, we all must start somewhere. Let us get real about it all then: The mountain top is the mountain top, but that is only momentary when we reach it. Reality is a whole lot of work in between the mountain top celebrations.

With that said, reality is like bicycle riding is for a child, however old or advanced we get. We may fail over and over until we master it without giving up on it. The life sentence, then, indeed, is taking action despite our initial failures and fears, is it not? Yes. Without action in reality, nothing happens, and we are still “at the base of the mountain waiting to climb”. Indeed, you must juggle one or two balls successfully before you can become a master performer and juggle a bunch of balls. It is the same with everything worth mastering in life ultimately.

Sure, we can go in with a great attitude, but we must keep that passionate attitude going even when there are things we have to do and do not want to do. Indeed, looking at situations and realities rationally with consciousness, we have to do the things we have to do with the same passion and understanding of results as the things we want to do. In short, when the going gets tough, the tough get going in reality.

Also, we must look at all failure as temporary, and all setbacks as passing hurdles that can be conquered ultimately. If rejected, take a different way to your goal, do not let it destroy you permanently and fearfully. The only real limitation is a fear of action, especially if you have any means of taking meaningful and decisive action. Indeed, fear is an attitude, so is courage. They are viewpoints, not anything definite. Only death is definite, as long as there is life and active existence, there is a chance.

The failures of most people depend on fear, and success depends on realistically working courage from the core, then.

So, a life sentence can be a good thing if lived with consistent courage and “guts”, and a bad thing if lived with consistent limitation and fear. On that note, reality is an attitude in my estimation, not a fixed condition with variables that cannot be changed in reality. This is the inescapable zero we all start from without exception. Understanding how to operate, growth and change are inevitable as we exist along whether we like it or not. Reality is. Be, do and have it.

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