8 Effective Email Marketing Strategy Ideas 2021-2022

8 Effective Email Marketing Strategy Ideas 2021-2022
GoDaddy’s email marketing experts put together 8 effective email marketing strategy ideas that will increase audience engagement and make your business look awesome. Check them out – and get your campaign started with GoDaddy Email Marketing at https://www.godaddy.com/business/email-marketing?cvosrc=video.youtube_organic.us_how-to&cvo_creative=WuKWJMXcojMisc=ythowto

Email marketing is one of the best ways to keep your customers in loop on promotions, new products, coupons and all the other exciting news you want to share with them. But how do you get started?

GoDaddy’s email marketing experts put together some tips to

get your campaign off the ground.

Create an account with an email service provider. If you

register a domain with GoDaddy, you can have a personalized

email address that matches your website so your emails are

recognizable and look professional.

Import your Customer Email List. If you already have a list

of your customers’ email addresses in a CSV or Excel file,

that’s a great start. Importing your list will take just a

few clicks and will make it easy to manage all your contacts.

Keep Your Branding Consistent. Make sure your emails match

your web site branding and color scheme. Keeping that

familiar look helps promote your brand – and recipients are

more likely to click the links in your email.

Add a web form to your site. This is a signup form that will

allow your fans and customers to add their email address to

your mailing list. You can also request their name and where

they live. This extra info can help you personalize your mailings. Also, try adding an incentive for signing up, like a voucher

or ebook. Everyone loves a freebie!

Use an Autoresponder. Reach your new signups as quickly as possible, so they feel welcome and you stay fresh in their mind. An autoresponder is an awesome way to do this. It’s an automatic email that you can send to new signups and a hassle-free way to send that promised discount or ebook.

Stay in touch. Email your contacts regularly with useful content, exclusive deals, and new product announcements. This doesn’t only keep them updated but also helps keep you in mind for their next purchase.

Keep an eye on your stats. Monitoring your open, click, unsubscribe and spam rates will show you what your customers like – and dislike – so you can keep fine-tuning your email campaigns.

Email Marketing is a fantastic way to promote your business and stay in touch with your customers. Check out GoDaddy

Email Marketing today. .

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