CRED Business Model | cred case study

Full case study of Cred’s Brilliant Business Model. Talked about Cred’s valuation and profit-making. full in-depth case study about cred app.

Chapters of this Episode:

0:00 – Introduction to CRED

0:15 – Comparison of CRED with other startups like OYO, Flipkart, Zomato

0:28 – Loss of CRED

1:00 – Decoding the pattern in all startups (Phase 1: Altering the Behaviours of Society)

1:52 – Comparison of CRED with JIO

3:20 – Phase 2: Habituation

4:40 – Phase 3: Irreversibility

5:40 – Financial Data of CRED

5:57 – Concept of Profitability of CRED

6:50 – Why is CRED favorite for making a massive profit

8:48 – Conclusion of CRED case study

I have done a detailed analysis of the cred app and extracted information from various platforms and put them into this video to let you know about the functioning of cred.

In this video, I have talked about how cred managed to gain market share and raise such a massive amount of money from the market even after incurring a huge loss of around 360 crores in the year 2020. also compared it with other startups like OYO, Flipkart, Zomato, and JIO.

Cred is a credit card payment app that allows its member to pay credit card bills and in return, users will get rewards started by Freecharge ex-founder Kunal shah in 2018.

CRED is a members-only app for users with Experian, CRIF, or any other credit score greater than our eligibility score that offers exclusive rewards for every credit card bill payment to members. CRED’s credit card spend tracking and management features provide simple, yet powerful tools for its members to manage their credit cards more efficiently.

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how does cred make money

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