EMAIL MARKETING FOR BEGINNERS - From 0 to 100 subscribers

The #1 REGRET I’ve heard from anyone building their business or personal brand is they wish they would have started building an email list sooner. Don’t be that person. So let’s start this today!

This video kicks off number 1 of an email growth series. I teach you:

1) The reasons why email marketing kicks butt

2) My personal dashboard and stats that you can MODEL and COPY!

3) How to get those first 100 subs (real strategies)

4) How to get started — what to send and when — if you have no idea how to do email marketing

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Top Tips for Growing Your List Over Time:

✅ Provide value through EVERYTHING (your lead magnets, your introductory automation series, and with each and every single email. Keep your list thirsty for more 🙂 )

✅ Be prepared to email every week straight for a year to get maximum growth


1) It is extremely profitable

2) Your communication drops straight into people’s inboxes. You’re not at the mercy of an “algorithm”

3) You own it. Forever. You don’t rely on paid growth like you do with ads. .

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