Email Marketing for Beginners (Get Started in 7 Steps)

Are you using email marketing to grow your business? In this email marketing for beginners video, I’ll walk you through step by step how to get started building an email list and how to use email to generate more sales on autopilot.

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Here’s how to create a landing page with ConvertKit (video)

Email marketing playlist

Start building your personal brand:

Build a website in Squarespace (free video course)

Leadpages, the software we use for our landing pages, pop-ups and announcement bars (affiliate link)

Camera and gear used to record this video

Here are the 7 steps covered in this video:

Step 1: Choose an email marketing software. There are lots of options here. The most well known is Mailchimp, especially for beginners. For me, Mailchimp is very difficult to use, especially for a beginner. We recommend using ConvertKit because it’s super user friendly and of your ability to segment your audience and send automated email sequences. ConvertKit now has a free plan that allows you to send emails to up to 500 subscribers and have access to unlimited forms and landing pages.

Step 2: Create something to give away / choose an offer. Decide what to give away to get people to sign up for your email list. Here are 5 formats for giving away free information:

1: Host a Webinar.

2: Create a free video course or training.

3. Create a free email course. This is a course delivered via an automated email sequence.

4: Create a guide or eBook.

5. Create a checklist.

Step 3: Start getting sign-ups. Decide where to get sign-ups for your offers:

There are 4 main places to get sign-ups for your email list.

1. Forms on your website – These can be placed on your home page, in the footer of all pages on your website, or embedded within content such as blog posts.

2. Landing pages – Landing pages are one-page websites that focus on a specific offer.

3. Pop-ups – an offer that pops up while viewing a website asking you to sign up with your email and either receive free information or a discount on the product or service.

4. Announcement bars – the bar at the top or bottom of a website announcing a particular offer. It will either ask you to sign up to receive an offer or will direct you to a specific page of their website.

Step 4: Generate traffic. How are you going to get people to your offer?

1. YouTube

2. Social media

3. Ads

4. SEO


Step 5: Segment your audience. It’s important to create segments so you can send emails to the people most interested in a particular offer.

Step 6: Broadcast messages. What information of value would you send to the audience on a periodic basis? Send out an email newsletter on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis with helpful information.

Step 7: Create automated email sequences. Email marketing automation is a more advanced step but one of the most valuable. By sending out a series of automated messages over time you can provide value to an email subscriber over time, build trust, and slowly sell to them in an automated way. .

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