How Many Subscribers Do You Need to Earn a Full-Time Income on Youtube?

A question I get asked a lot, and a question which I see asked a lot on Reddit, in Youtube Comments, and on Quora is how many subscribers does one need to become a full-time Youtube or earn a full-time income through Youtube.

That’s a tough question to answer as there’s a lot of variables. Just to cut to the chase however if I had to throw out a number I’d say about 50,000 subscribers. You can actually earn very good money with much less, and honestly Subscribers are not that important to having a successful Youtube channel or earnign a lot on the platform.

So first off let’s determine what a full-time income is. A lot of people who earn their money online are location independent or digital nomads meaning they move to places like Southeast Asia with a cheap cost of living and they may only need to make $1,000 a month to live quite comfortably. For the sake of this discussion I’m goign to assume your living in the USA and were going to assume you need to make say $30,000 to $50,000 per year.

I’ll save the meat and potatoes for the actual video but just to throw a few things to think about out there. The topic you make your videos about is going to determine how well you are paid via Adsense. General topics and entertainment based topics don’t pay nearly as well as very focused topics like how to videos or videos about health, fitness, personal wellness, making money online, reviews, etc.

The more targeted your videos are to an advertisers products or services the more likely they are going to want to advertise on your videos and that means more money.

Another thing to consider is subscribers are more a vanity metric, they don’t have a ton to do with you making money or running a profitable Youtube Channel.

Having subscribers is some social proof. It helps get your video some more visibility but what really matters is watch time, views, and viewer engagment and while subscribers can help you grow those numbers subs are at the end of the day not that important.

One last thing I want to mention which I will touch on in this video is having multiple revenue streams. Most Youtubers making good money are not 100% reliant on Youtube ad revenue. Most are utilizing sponsorships, paid videos, selling courses or products, doing affiliate marketing, most have multiple income streams so if Youtube earnings decline they still have money comming in.

Watch this video and if you have any questions feel free to drop a comment below .


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