How to Start Making Money With Handmade Jewelries

How to Start Making Money With Handmade Jewelries

Yesterday, I share how to make jewelries and accessories from your very own “ordinary” treasures. Today, I will share how to start making money with your handmade jewelries.


Since you made the jewelries from your “ordinary” treasures, added to that if your family, friends, and relatives contributed, then your investment will not be that expensive.

You might as well be lucky enough that one of your friends will make you a logo, and another one will help you collect your materials.

Make an inventory of what you currently have and start from there. Determine what else you need and what materials you need to buy. Don’t spend too much on things that you actually do not need. That is why inventory is important.

Inquire from your City Hall if the business you are planning needs to be registered. There are some businesses that because they are so small, they don’t need to get business license.

You may also want to read references for starting up a business. There are books such as Work From Home and Small-Time Operators that cater these needs.


If you believe what you have is not enough, and still need to buy supplies, look for suppliers who will give you good prices and discounts.

Finding good suppliers is not easy. It is time-consuming, yet very worth it. Imagine you immediately found a supplier, but the materials are expensive. Your return on investment will not be that high, maybe just enough. Will you be contented with that?

Consider after your long search, you have found a good supplier who gives great discounts. Your profit will be higher. Worth it, isn’t it?

Of course, keep track of all your expenses, may it be as high as $100 or as low as $0.01. The point is, you have a record of what you spend, and have a better financial management.


You may have the complete materials you have, maybe for a lower price or for FREE, but really starting off a business is not easy. Even so, it is worth it as profits are constantly coming in.

Now that you have started up a small business, it’s time to decide whether to go part-time or full-time for it. Take time to decide whether you’ll go online or not.

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