Make Money with YouTube Shorts WITHOUT Showing Your Face or Voice ($1,000/day)

It’s pretty simple to make money with YouTube shorts WITHOUT showing your face or voice… but unfortunately, all the other videos on this topic are leaving out the most IMPORTANT steps! So in this video, I leave NOTHING out and I show you how you can make $1,000/day with YouTube shorts! Enjoy 🙂

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0:00 INTRODUCTION (don’t skip)

Something I didn’t mention at the start was that you can actually do this entire strategy even if you only have a cell phone, because all of these apps have phone apps too – so that’s super dope! And here are the 6 steps to make money with YouTube shorts WITHOUT showing your face or voice:


When it comes to picking a niche, this strategy will work with A TON of niches (but not all). So to help you figure that out, I showed the process I went through to find the video, which is how I picked the niche. The tool that really helped with this was Tubebuddy, which is linked in the resources above. However, if you want to just copy my niche – you can do that too 🙂


Now that you have a niche, it’s time to create the video topic (aka title). For this step, you can again use Tubebuddy… but I personally use MorningFame to plan out my video topics, titles, description, tags & more! This tool was a complete game changer for me and I HIGHLY suggest using the invite link in the resources above to get your free trial!


When you’re getting footage/clips for your YouTube shorts video, you have to make 100% CERTAIN that you’re doing this the right way… because doing it wrong can get your channel taken down! So with that being said, if you use Google to get your clips – make sure to filter by the license you want to use. Otherwise, websites like Pexels & Pixabay work great too!


This step is where most people get stuck because they think they need to learn how to edit videos, buy editing software and all that… but not with THIS method! You can simply use a free tool called Canva (linked above) and they make it SO EASY to do everything! Not to mention, I showed exactly how to do it, step-by-step.


We all know that the main reason we’re doing these methods is to make money… which makes this step the most IMPORTANT step! The nice thing with YouTube shorts is we don’t use YouTube monetization to make money, we use something called affiliate marketing. This allows us to promote other companies and they simply pay us a commission when someone purchases through our special link. Plus, pretty much every company has an affiliate program nowadays and I show you exactly how to find the HIGHEST paying affiliate programs for ANY niche 🙂


Last but not least, it’s time to upload your YouTube shorts video! There are 2 ways to do this: you can use the YouTube app and upload it with the YouTube shorts (beta) option… or you can just upload it like a regular video. The nice thing about the 1st option is that you can add in trending music and you can do it all with just your phone, but you can also add in music in Canva (which is how I showed to do it). This is also where MorningFame shines because it makes your upload process so much fast!

So in a nutshell, that’s how you can make money with YouTube shorts WITHOUT showing your face or using your voice (and even with just using a cell phone if that’s all you have).

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