My Review on AWSurveys - How to Make Money With Paid Surveys

Hello. I’m a graduation student, unfortunately I don’t have time to take a part time job but I’m looking to collect some money during my graduation, so I have a start up investment build if I fell like opening my own business after I graduate. So I’ve been looking for online solutions to make money, where I can work at home or between the classes. I came across this survey site, A.W.Surveys.

AW Surveys is a particular survey site. All the survey offered are based on a website review, of some affiliate program, online money making scheme or something like that. The first 4 surveys give you a total of $25, just for reviewing 8 sites (2 lines evaluation). But this is where the hell begins. The following surveys add only $1 to your account and the minimum withdrawn threshold is $75.

I’ve been a member for about 2 months and I haven’t received a single survey invite. After the 4 first ‘new member’ surveys, I just took two monthly surveys and that is all. Resuming: 1 survey/month for $1. Kind of lame isn’t it?

The other way of reaching the withdrawn threshold is by referring friend. Actually, each referral worth $1.25.

Clearly, $1/month is not enough for anything. On this pace it would take 50 months to withdraw $75. After more researching on money making opportunities, I figured out Internet Marketing.

Since the payment is based on your selling rates, you are not limited on a fixed payment and don’t need to wait forever for surveys invites. If you want to work and make money, you are welcome to do so.

Particularly, I decided to join the ACME People Search program, which offers 7 different income streams and a method to build a amazing potential $9000 residual monthly income stream, by building a referral downline and using TIER 2 affiliate program concept, where you earn commissions when your referral earns, without working for this. I mean, your referral advertise and make a sell and you earn a ‘residual’ commission for this sell.

Faster then waiting a month to be able to complete a survey and earn $1 right? It could be more tough too, but this is where the fun resides.


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