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For projects related to music production, mixing & mastering, vocals processing, composing original songs, lyrics, and singing, send your requirements along with your budget on [email protected] and [email protected]

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I’ve also started providing personal coaching online to teach music production to beginners, the class is conducted via zoom/skype.

For more info email me on [email protected] with the subject line “I want to learn music production”, also mention how much you’ve learned by yourself so far, do you play any instrument or not, do you know basic music theory or not, based on this info I’ll suggest a course specifically designed for you.

Welcome to the 1st video of my free online course, “Earning Money From Home Studio”.

As mentioned in my previous video where I had announced this course, I’ll be uploading series of videos in the coming days covering everything I’ve learned so far in building my career in music production, working from home. Hopefully, these videos will give some clarity to musicians who are looking to build an alternative source of income or those who are just starting out and have no clue how to earn money while following your passion for music.

In case you’re watching this after some months of the release of this video, then most probably the entire course is out by now, listed in this playlist –

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