Part Time Typing Jobs - Can You Handle the Truth?

Part Time Typing Jobs – Can You Handle the Truth?

If your looking for part time typing jobs, you might as well be looking for ghosts in your socks. Work from home typing jobs are incredibly hard to find and if you do find one you will find out that it is nothing like what you think it will be. I myself was on a journey to find part time typing jobs not too long ago and I finished up disappointed and a lot poorer and I’m going to tell you why.

The first obstacle I faced upon starting my quest for part time typing jobs was the impenetrable wall of scams. These websites are as dangerous as they are enticing. They will lure you in with their promises of obscene amounts of money by doing very small amounts of work at home. One such sites “guaranteed” that I would make US$400 in my first day in a couple of hours! Of course I was very excited and was willing to “show I was committed” by paying a fee to join in. I guess you can predict what happens next. They give me a little bit of information about where to find some jobs and that was it. There was no secret system or list of jobs that I could do with no other competition. There was nothing.

That was a long time ago and I’ve learned a lot since then. So what has changed since then? Nothing. Part time typing jobs are still almost all scams. The competition for legitimate typing jobs is almost unbelievable. Your not only up against people from your own country but everyone in the world. Millions of people from Asia are willing and eager to do these data entry jobs for a much lower price than you and I. This means that we aren’t going to have a good chance of landing some work and even if we do it will be a very low paying one.

If your still committed to finding one of these jobs let me just say good luck to you and give you some pointers to help you avoid being scammed in the future. Part time typing jobs are very boring and the companies that offer these jobs have usually designed their websites in a very boring way! So look for the boring and professional web pages. Scam sites however will have brilliant colour and flashy pictures of luxury boats and cars. They will be designed build you up to a purchasing state right then and there and they are very good at it.

So if you are going to do just one thing that I ask, it would be to always wait one day and night before you decide to purchase or join one of these typing jobs. This way you will be able to have a think about what your doing and the power of their marketing techniques will have much less of an impact on you.

As you have no doubt figured out part time typing jobs are a waste of your time. I would advise you to stay well away from them unless you enjoy losing all your money and time.

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