Retirement: A New Phase of Life

Retirement is not an end, but a new lease of life for the ones who had been workaholics in their whole life and sought free time to devote to their hobbies and interests, but couldn’t fulfill their dreams because of their hectic schedule. It is a special stage of life as in majority, people in post-retiring life, prefer accomplishing the tasks which remained unfulfilled. Some pursue new ventures just to get mental relief while a good number of retirees wish to lead a healthy and active life with a good source of income. So, on a priority basis, they start life afresh. Retirement can prove a turning point for such persons as they can think of new and better ideas to spend their life in their own way.

After retiring from their jobs, usually people take up new jobs of their choice just to fulfill their old passions which they couldn’t accomplish because of innumerable constraints of service period. They can preferably revive the old friendly ties and can strengthen old relationships which had somewhat been forgotten. Some persons choose writing work while some go for new business activities. Some of them wish to spend quality time with their family through grand vacations. Maintaining a good health can be one of the goals of retired individuals to stay mentally and physically fit so that they can lead more active and energetic life. Social work/engagement in political activities is one of the ambitions of many persons which they fail to pursue during service period. They can revive such activities with more enthusiasm after their retirement. Not only they contribute something to society, but also ensure mental relief and immense pleasure in fulfilling the long-standing eager desires.

Leading life in your own way requires strategic planning and right decisions. In lack of good planning and appropriate decisions, a retired person’s life is full of discomfort and unnecessary frustration. Money which he accumulates with sincere efforts throughout his life can go waste without a well thought planning. Sometimes retirees have to go through disastrous consequences which can result in utter frustration and isolation making them disappointed. It has been found out in many cases that retired persons are living in a pitiable condition due to the ignorance and careless behavior of their children.

Living a graceful and respectful retired life is a serious concern and requires a careful analysis. A retiring person should preferably try hard to come up with the best future planning just to accomplish what remains unfulfilled and left out. There should be a solid financial strategy for the rainy days just to avoid unnecessary dependency on children and relations. Proper safety of future life is inevitable which is possible with ensuring solid financial base. They shouldn’t indulge in extra/unwanted social activities/liabilities so as to acquire a sound financial position for their health and other necessities of the old age. Re-employment after retirement can be the best option to live an energetic life. Thus Retirement can a boon and also a curse if no proper planning is done beforehand for the future.

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