Warning Reverse Funnel System Scam

Warning Reverse Funnel System Scam

One of the first question anybody ask is:

“-Is Reverse Funnel System another Make Money Online Scam?

-Is Reverse Funnel System big scam on internet?”

An auto pilot system that allows you make high commission of $1000 per sale, A proven system that all you do is Market the Reverse Funnel System

In the internet age that you can find absolutely any thing online, earn money while online is just something that it makes sense. But of course we all are looking for easy ways to make money even online. But like in real world on Internet finding legitimate online money making system is hard to find. All the advertisements online start like this: make lots of money fast or make money quick or make money today or quick way to make money.

Come on Which one are they telling the truth. Are all this ads are bunch of phony. Make money on Internet, Why not! I have been doing it since 1997. So here you are more confuse then before you read this article. Reality is there are ways to make money online. But Which One? The GOLDEN question.

Well here it is I am going to tell you what you been waiting for. I hope this reserve funnel system review can help you make your best decision.

How can we distinguish between Scam and good business strategy?

First of all what is scam?

A crime, particularly a crime involving trickery. A scam is also an undercover police operation in which criminals are tricked into revealing their involvement in criminal activities. In the latter context, a scam is also called a sting operation.

OK so, for Reverse Funnel System to be a scam there must be some trick involve, lies.

To find out if Reverse Funnel System is a scam, first we need to see how does Reverse Funnel System works. If you refer to my earlier posting you will find out how exactly Reverse Funnel System works. But I do my best to explain the process here.

What is Funnel? This image should help you understand how Funnel works in marketing world.

So, Steps on Funnel Marketing is:

Let everybody know what you have for sale

Explain to them basic of your product knowledge

Detail them on Product and how would benefit them

Qualify them for a purchase

and finally $$$$$$$

Now Ty Coughlin and Inner circle team, this system is Reverse Funnel:


  1. Buy (100% money back guaranteed)

  2. Qualify them for purchase (refund if not qualify)

  3. Detail them on Product how would benefit them

  4. Explain to them basic of your product knowledge

  5. Let everybody know what do you have for sale


Scam is “a crime, particularly a crime involving trickery” Well if there is 100% Money back guarantee even when the en roller does not qualify they get their money back

What they are buying? Life time membership ($2999) for traveling at 4-5 start resorts and hotels across the world for around $298 a week Not per person for as many as people you can fit in your unit. I don’t know about you but I think that’s an excellent deal. Even if you don’t want to do this as a home business, it is a great traveling membership.

How do you make money with RFS? Simple every sale you make you earn $1000 commission per sale. The person who sold it to you makes a $1000. When the person you sold to make a sale he/she makes a $1000 and you make $1000. The most amazing part of this is there is No LIMIT. You can be sitting home; playing cards or what ever that it ticks you and Da, Da!!!! You made a $1000 commission because one of your en roller or one of your en roller, en roller made a sale.

Wait a minute, one last thing. Reverse Funnel Systems is FULLY AUTOMATE. Everything is in one platform. ALL YOU DO JUST ADVERTISE.

OK I don’t know about you but Reverse Funnel System is far from scam to me. It is BRILLIANT.

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