What is Yammer? How Yammering is Like Twitter For Business

What is Yammer? How Yammering is Like Twitter For Business

Yammer? Twitter? These are some wacky words that are making a big splash in the Internet world these days. In 2009, it’s projected that nearly everyone will be Twittering and most of the business world will at least be dabbling in Yammering.

Yammer is basically being referred to as Twitter for companies. The idea behind Yammer is that people in business will always know what other people in the company are working on. The founder of Yammer is former PayPal COO David O. Sacks. Yammer was launched in September of 2008 and is already gaining a huge following. It seems that people like short, concise snippets of information.

This new trend in Micro-Messaging is gathering rapid momentum and will make Yammer a big deal in 2009 and beyond. Yammer isn’t as invasive as Instant Messaging and not as labored as email. It’s for something in between which is absolutely perfect for business. You don’t want someone continuously Instant Messaging you about what they are working on, but you don’t mind if you can check it out at your leisure through Yammer. Upper management can keep track of what everyone is working on and they can let the rest of the company in on the “big picture” of the company. With Yammer, there’s less of a need for meetings because everyone knows what everyone else is doing.

The term “Yammering” is going to become household name for most business so get used to this silly word now. People are going to be Twittering and Yammering their heads off in the years to come.

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