Why Toy Unboxing and Other Kid Videos Get So Many Views Explained

Toy Unboxings and other kid videos like Nursery Rhymes like the Finger Family or live action skits with characters such as Elsa and Spiderman are a very weird class of videos on youtube. They can sometimes get hundreds of millions of views and it seems pretty baffling, but even this phenomena can be explained.

Some channels that are really successful and get billions of views are Ryan ToysReview, LittleBabyBum, Toy Monster, Toy Freaks, and Masha and the Bear.

These channels are getting billions of views spread out among there many videos, many of which are pretty indistinguishable from one another. Their best videos get hundreds of millions of views, but often there are so many dislikes on these videos.

In order to understand why kid videos get so many views you need to realize that there are millions of kids on youtube swiping around randomly and they don’t use the website like adults. They will click things by accident and have short attention spans which means they click on even more videos than adults.

In the video I go over much of the data I collected which confirms that kid views last much less time than regular views, and I also expose the fact that these toy channels are doing the best on youtube since they are the channels gaining the most amount of views per month, even more than channels with lots of subscribers.

If you are looking to start a toy channel for some reason, this video could also be for you since I go into what makes a toy channel successful and how you could get the youtube algorithms to work for you. This was not the purpose of the video but while making it I realized that some of this could be good advice for running a toy channel.

If you’ve ever wondered why do toy videos get so many views then this is the video for you.

Article I wrote an article that covers stuff I left out of the video:


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