Work With Passion, Excellence and Be a Humble Servant to Achieve Satisfaction

Work With Passion, Excellence and Be a Humble Servant to Achieve Satisfaction

What does working with passion excellence and being a humble servant mean? The word passion, by definition suggests that one has a deep emotion which drives them towards a particular action. So, passion is an emotion, however it is an emotion which requires one to do something.

Unlike a deep pleasure, passion causes one to feel the need to act upon this deep feeling. In fact, the Latin word from which it is derived, “pati”, is to suffer. This suggests that one who has true passion does not have only a deep desire to act on a particular course, but rather it is required in order for them to avoid suffering. This is an individual who most of us think of as driven.

Doing anything with excellence of course means doing the very best that is able to be done. At least, it suggests that one will perform to the best of their own ability. This is personal excellence. Indeed performing with excellence will require passion. Although success is never a guarantee, passion never gives birth to mediocrity. Even when the outcome of a situation is not exactly what one had planned or hoped for, there are lessons to be learned. This alone is excellent. To be slowed down by a hurtle, only to continue forward towards the goal line is indeed excellence.

Serving humbly suggests that one must be not interested in their own goals, ambitions, and success alone, but rather having a passion toward helping others to reach their own success as well. In fact, by definition a humble servant is one who willingly works towards the benefit of others, without the hope or expectation of any personal gain. One who humbly serves is indeed a special individual.

When the three of these qualities are combined, one achieves a true recipe for success. A person who possesses passion, excellence and the desire to serve will find many opportunities to advance their own life as well as the lives of others.

Sadly, some people are willing to wait for good things to come to them, as though life is a lottery. Although there are no guarantees that we will have success in every endeavour, there is indeed the guarantee that those who sit and wait, will not…

Without action, whether physical action or action of the mind, what really are we all doing, but going through the motions of life? Each individual needs to take the time to tap into their personal passion, strive for excellence, and consider that serving others is beneficial to all of mankind. Working with passion excellence and being a humble servant is indeed a recipe for success in business and in life.

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