12 Ways To Gain Followers [And How To Make Money From Them] | The Sims 4 Guide

A guide looking at how to gain followers in The Sims 4. While not necessary to gain followers, having the City Living Expansion Pack and access to the Social Media career will open up many more ways to gain followers, and at much faster rates. Please like and comment, and Subscribe here: https://bit.ly/2ZM0L4h

Fame can be gained through using your phone to add to your simstagram story or by streaming using a drone if you have the Get Famous Expansion Pack.

If you enter into the social media career then you can gain fame much faster! The best way to gain fame in the sims 4 is by repeated Let’s Play livestreams. This will see you gain millions of followers in minutes.

Also, at level 5 Charisma you can make a social media profile (or earlier if you’re in the social media career) and once you have this you can advertise to your followers for a small payout, often losing a few followers as you do it.


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