5 Ways To Make Money While You Sleep - Passive Income Ideas

Hello my YouTube friends! In this video, I’m sharing with you 5 passive income ideas that would help you make more money while you sleep.

Learn how to make 1000 dollars or more in passive income investments. Passive income is my favourite source of income. And here is how you can make money online with passive income in your 20s.

My 5 passive income strategies are:

#1 passive income idea is dividend paying stocks. While this requires an initial cash, it’s a great way to get your money work for you, it encourages you to save money and build an investment portfolio. You just need to find the right dividend stocks to invest in, and in this video, I’m sharing two of my favourite blue chip stocks that are paying high dividends.

#2 passive income idea is Affiliate Marketing. If you have an established audience on a social media platform or a website, you can use affiliate links, or programs like Amazon Bounty and Amazon Affiliate Program to share companies’ products and earn commission when someone completes a purchase or signs up for a service.

#3 passive income idea is royalties. If you are an artist, and you are good at producing music, drawing, designing, or taking beautiful photos, you can make a lot of money from royalties.

#4 passive income idea is online courses. If you are expert in something specific, you can create an online course and share your expertise in exchange for a fee when people sign up for your online course.

#5 passive income idea is internet ads. You can create a blog or a Youtube Channel and monetise you content. Now, Youtube is a great content creator friendly platform and you can make money on Youtube, but it takes hard work and consistency to create great content.

In this video, I also explain what is passive income, money making ideas like how to make money on YouTube, YouTube monetisation, how to diversity income sources, and so on.

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