7 Ways to Determine the Target Market For Selling Online

Selling online is not optimal if the way to determine the target market is not right, aka the wrong target. It is highly recommended that before making a product to be sold, it is to determine the ideal target market first, then create a solution, namely an offer or product. Determining the right target market when selling online is also a factor in the amount of sales turnover you will get. For this reason, it is very important to determine the target market at the earliest priority scale before selling. So, how do you find and determine the target market so that your online sales turnover increases? Watch the video! 00:00 | How to determine the target market 01:06 | How to identify the target market 01:53 | How to find out consumer trends 02:50 | How to observe competitors 03:35 | How to understand target behavior 04:19 | How to determine product 05:18 | How to test market 05:47 | Evaluation How to Target Competitor Ads on Facebook! https://youtu.be/D4hTJefkW-E #targetmarket #jualanonline #bisnisonline ====== Join as a sponsor of this channel and kopdar live with me: http://bit.ly/joinchannel If you think my video is useful, please subscribe here: http://www.youtube.com/c/HandokoTantra?sub_confirmation=1 Free Download Internet Marketing Newbie Guide here: https://www.handokotantra.com/ ❤️ Learn Be a Dropship Reseller and I Provide Products: https://www.syarimu.com/jualan-online/ ❤️ Start Learning Online Deeper Here: https://handokotantra.net/ NB: For questions about cooperation, please contact me via the email listed at: https://www.youtube.com/c/HandokoTantra/about or DM me on Instagram @handokotantra ❤️ Products I Use For Online Business: https://linktr.ee/handokotantra ❤️ Consultation 60 Minutes With Me Here: https://bit.ly/2UM6mcW .







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