Australian Paralympic Medallists don't get paid? WTF? | DeakHeads | Tokyo Paralympics Pay Dispute

Australian Paralympic athletes were not paid in prizemoney or bonuses if they won a medal at the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games.

Until a few hours ago….

Unlike their Australian Olympic counterparts, Australian Paralympians were originally not offered prizemoney as bonuses for winning medals at the Tokyo 2020 Paralympics.

That was until Scott Morrison made an announcement in Australian Parliament today stating that all Australian Paralympic medallists would receive the same prizemoney amount as the Olympic athletes.

That’s a win.

Of course when we filmed this podcast episode, this was before the Australian Federal Government announcement…

However there’s still a lot of good discussion points in this episode from Damo & Rob.

Topics of Discussion:

– How much Australian Olympic athletes receive as bonuses for Olympic Medals

– How other nations pay their Olympic and Paralympic athletes

– The Australian Olympic Committee and Paralympics Australia are separate entities

– Differences in revenue between the Australian Olympic Committee and Paralympics Australia.

– How hard Paralympic athletes work for their chance to compete at the Paralympic level

Athletes Mentioned:

– Madison De Rozario

– Chad Perris

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