How Much Money I Made on YouTube After Gaining 100,000 Subscribers In A Month - How Money Works

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Thanks to a few of my video’s taking off this channel gained 100,000 subscribers and over 5.5 million views within a month.

I hope it goes without saying that I am incredibly grateful to everybody who has watched my videos, subscribed, left an encouraging comment or even pointed out area’s where I can improve.

But with that sappy bullshit out of the way, all regular viewers of the channel will know by now that I hate dragging out an answer to a simple question just to get you to stick around so, $29,000… I made $29,000 in the month that my channel “blew up” as the kids say.

Now there are some really interesting things that I have discovered in this period of rapid growth, and some concerning trends which will likely mean that this gravy train is coming to an end very soon, not only for my channel, but for almost every channel on the platform.

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