How Much Money I Make with Apps (Updated)

How Much Money I Make with Apps (Updated) – The Daily Overpass #266

Today, I show you (once again) my Daily Revenue spreadsheet and try to be transparent about how I’m doing.


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Are you new here? I’m glad you showed up.

I’m Eric Wroolie. I make apps. And I run Overpass.

Overpass is a mobile app development agency based in Oxfordshire in the UK. I started it back in 2004 before there were even app stores!

Now, the company is myself and a small team of designers and developers. We outsource what we can and try to keep costs low, but I still code here and there.

My apps have been downloaded tens of millions of times globally and I have lived the ups and downs of being an app developer.

I started creating videos back in 2014 and have created over a thousand videos since. If you can’t tell, I can talk about apps all day. We also talk about running a small business and self-improvement on this channel.

If you need an app created, my company can help you.


If you are an app developer, like most of the viewers on this channel, I hope our shared experiences will help you out too. There is nothing more satisfying than making money from apps.

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