How A Strong PPC Campaign Can Help Increase Site Traffic

How A Strong PPC Campaign Can Help Increase Site Traffic

With the dawn of Internet marketing, a lot of people have taken advantage of its benefits. Among these benefits is providing opportunities to people to earn passive or extra income from online advertisements like pay per click campaigns.

Pay per click (PPC) campaigns is when a company posts text or image ads over at somebody else’s website with content that matches to specific keywords of the ads. Once a visitor clicks that ad, and as traffic is directed to the website of the advertiser, the latter will pay the host of the website where the ad appeared.

Because this Internet advertising model uses the search engine platform, it easily provides you with a larger venue where you can post your ads. However, it is best to localize your targets to be able to get a maximum yield.

One of the main reasons why companies resort to advertising is to establish brand awareness in the market. Having this on top of your mind will help you create a more focused plan in the use of PPC campaigns to boost traffic to your websites.

Plan Number One: Get a list of frequently used keywords. A number of websites can provide you with the analytics behind the most used keywords and phrases. Through this, you get a picture of what most people are looking for or what they are interested in.

Plan Number Two: If possible, mention locations or names of towns in your keywords. This will be very helpful especially to those who are offering services or products who only operate in a particular area. Doing this, you can expect that most of the traffic going towards your site is a targeted segment. Try to get creative by including popular names of the locations or even landmarks.

Plan Number Three: Come up with an unforgettable copy. Knowing what keywords or key phrases to use should allow you to come up with a copy that can catch people’s attention. Be reminded that because of the fast pace of technology, the attention span of people who are browsing the Internet is just a mouse-click away.

Plan Number Four: Be creative and draw out a creative direction. At the start, while you are still not very comfortable with using PPC, try to get down to the basics. Ad texts are the simplest form and though they tend to provide the same effect, text ads get easily drowned by other creative ad media like graphics and images.

It is also best if you can create a timeline with the different initiatives you have undertaken. Know when to re-consider a copy that is not working or to re-design an image that does not call enough attention. Be always inventive and when you never stop learning more, expect all those online hits to come.

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